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Laser Machine

Quantity Price
6-20 $1,676.70
21- infinity $1,603.80

M-Triangel Z-one Fully Automatic Focus Cutting Engraving Marking Laser Machine For iPhone Back Glass Removing

Quantity Price
6-20 $1,490.40
11- infinity $1,425.60

equipment smglass fiber laser cutting machine M-Triangel fiber laser engraving machine portable laser engraving

Quantity Price
6-20 $1,639.44
21- infinity $1,568.16

The PG OneS/BY-4 marking machine adopts high-performance digital galvanometer scanning system, which is fast, high precision and can work for a long time. It can be used in most metal materials and some non-metallic materials such as silicon, rubber.

Quantity Price
21- infinity $1,336.50
6-20 $1,397.25
1-5 $1,433.70

M-Triangel Laser Separating Machine For iPhone Back Glass Remover LCD Frame Repair Premium Laser Engraving Machine Features: Unique styling design Rated power of 20W Insufficiently intelligent and flexible closed system

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OneS/ BY-5

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